The Father Project (working title)

Inspired images and source material

Please note that this is all material I have gathered thus far. My next steps will be to continue gathering source material from interviews with Veterans of War, family and any unexpected roads I may be sent down. 


In the above photos, I am very taken with the image in the upper left corner from riverbed theatre out of Taipei. I imagine the one dimensional head to work as a mask for the ensemble, much like what you see on your right with the different masks. The masks are inspired by Norman Rockwell's imagery of the American Dream.

The other images depict a mood, physicality, and a feeling relevant to the material. More photos to come. 

Norman Rockwell Imagery

"Maybe as I grew up and found the world wasn't the perfect place I had thought it to be, I unconsciously decided that if it wasn't an ideal world, it should be, and so painted only the ideal aspects of it." 

~Norman Rockwell

The first scene I/We will be developing is inspired by the below upper left corner photo of the Thanksgiving gathering. 

A Norman Rockwell mask I made inspired by the above images.
A Norman Rockwell mask I made inspired by the above images.

Interview #1 Mom and Dad

2006 Transcribed Interview
Phil and Suzanne Crosley.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 88.3 KB


  • Supporting letters (post-death) between myself and my father's friend, Greg Wood from Vietnam- not scanned yet. 
  • Letters from my Dad to my Mom when he was courting her.  Here is a GoogleDoc link with all of the scanned letters. 



Below is supporting material of a story I told about my Dad who I discovered was a crossdresser when he was in a coma. I feel like there is a relationship between this, his childhood, his PTSD from serving as a Marine in the Vietnam War and his financial loss from the recent recession that re-triggered his PTSD.

Even-though I shared this story with an audience, I respectfully ask for this video to not be listed on-line or distributed in any way. Only people given the password can view. 



  • Requested criminal report from my father's death from Phoenix PD: I was told in 6/18/17 that they have me on file and the records are backed up at lease 12 months. Finally heard from Phoenix, PD who had me contact  contact Maricopa PD: 
    A request has been submitted under the subject of PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST . We'll evaluate your request and take action as appropriate. Your tracking number is 11627661100. Please record this number for your records.


    You can check the status of the request by visiting the Action Line main page. Simply enter the above tracking number to review the status of the request. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response to your request.

  • Requested my father's military records on 6/22/17 this will take 90 days. I was declined. Trying again.
  • Will go to Fort Worth, TX to interview my Aunt Joanne who was married to my Uncle Steve (my father's only sibling). 
  • Interview Steve and Cindy Allen who were friends with my Dad. 
  • Interview selected individuals who are children of Vets.