5 tips for an AWESOME presentation!

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

5 tips for an AWESOME presentation!

So, you have a presentation or a public speaking engagement and you’re looking for some tips.  Well, you came to the right place. Here are 5 tips that will help you get started when thinking about your performance.  Because that’s what it is, right? You’re performing, not just talking:

One):  Create a team out of your audience.  When starting your talk ask them a question like, “Are you all here because you want to make money?”  ” If so, let me hear a resounding YES!” Get them to rally together. From here on out they will be on your side.

Two):  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and inspire action.  Share a story that has been carefully crafted that is true and about you.  It is ok to use someone else’s story, but I have found it more effective if it is your own.  A beautifully developed story that resonates with your talk, will also pull your audience in.  It will help them empathize and relate to you.

Three):  Write like you talk.  You want to sound like yourself, right?

Four):  Be prepared.  Don’t spend so much time on your slides that you leave no time for rehearsal.  The slides should be secondary if you know your material. They should only be there to emphasize your point.  If there is important data that needs to be shared, put it in a handout. Remember that you are performing and telling a story. Imagine if you went to the theatre and all of the actors had their lines on a screen for you to read while they were acting?  I imagine it would be rather distracting and we would miss a lot of the action on stage.

Five):  Always remember that your audience wants you to succeed!


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