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Have you ever had that moment where you were at a networking event or giving a presentation and you were unsure of how to hold your hands, how to stand, make eye-contact or even use your voice? If any of these things sounds familiar and your confidence suffers because of it, we can help you with that. No problem!


Have you ever been to a conference where you were blown away by the keynote speaker? Do you want to inspire your audience. Do you want your next presentation to stand out? We can help make that dream come true! When we’re done with you, people will not only want what you’re serving but they will want to BE you! 


Do you spend most of your days in non-productive meetings? Or is there that one guy on the team who talks so much you can’t get a word in edge wise? If so, let us help you with that! We help create high functioning teams by bringing the performing arts and emotional intelligence together in perfect harmony with business acumen.

My Services

Please see my below list of services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out anyway. I may know somone who can help. 

Public Speaking 

Deliver a powerful, dynamic and effective presentation by owning the room and standing out from the rest.  I will teach you vocal and physical preparation (eye focus, gesture, body language, etc.) and give you new tools to help control fear and breath, while working a room.  

Team Building

Combining business acumen with the performing arts to give you and your team solutions to: help handle conflict and change more effectively, to find ways to become more adaptive, and to effectively cultivate ideas where every voice on your team is heard. 

Voice Training

Gain more confidence in your verbal delivery so you are never asked to “speak up” again.

Message/Story Development

Leave a lasting impression with your audience by crafting a compelling and inspiring message and story. 

Take your career to the next level!

I take pride in the work I do and in the people I work with. It is my goal to meet each individual client with where they are at with their career goals and to help them attain those goals. A lot of my clients come to me wanting to build confidence in day-to-day interactions, in front of an audience and in networking situations. I also have clients who just want help creating a compeling presentation that has impact.

Whatever you are looking for, I really take the time to find out who you are and what your core values are. This helps me provide you with specific tools that are in alignment with those values and to allow your authentic self to shine through!

Let’s see if we’re a good fit…


Meridith has 25 years experience in the performing arts and 15 years experience in individual and team coaching. Her combined skills as a coach and performer give her a unique, fun and innovative approach to professional development and story telling. Meridith was an instructor for the acclaimed The Second City in Chicago, IL where she was associate faculty for The Second City Training Center. Her work at The Second City inspired Meridith to branch out on her own to teach others how improvisation can improve life, team morale and presence. 

Meridith coaches business professionals ranging from information technology, engineering, manufacturing, insurance, advertising, financing and a variety of other industries. Her specialties are in presentation and public speaking consultation, individual training and development, and creative team collaboration using improvisational theatre techniques to build trust, collaboration and creative solutions in communication.

Meridith has been a lead facilitator for 50+ workshops in creative team
collaboration and has worked with countless individuals one-on-one in presentation coaching.
Clients include: CU LEEDS Schoolof Business, Hayes Lemmerz (global),  Johnson &Johnson, Carestream, DePuy, SurveyGizmo, CEAVCO, RAPT Media, Crosspoint, Mercer and many others.

When she isn’t helping others stand out, Meridith works as a theatre Director, Voice Over artist and Actor. She has directed and performed in numerous productions throughout the United States. She holds a Master Degree in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. where she served as Adjunct Faculty in the undergraduate program and as a Guest Artist in the Masters Program.

Meridith Grundei

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Meridith has a gift of making people feel comfortable in embracing their areas of improvement and the practice that it takes to develop their communication skills and executive presence. “

Lauren M.

Center for Executive Presence

Her techniques, her expertise and her
attitude are a cut above any other talent coach I’ve ever seen or used. She is an invaluable asset and I
would recommend her above all others.  

Jeff Feierstein


Myself and my team have learned so much from working with her and still talk highly about our classes. She makes learning necessary skills, like communication and public speaking fun! 

Heidi P. 


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