Individual Coaching

If you are looking for individual coaching, I will take students based on availability and commitment. In other words, I only take students that will do the work.  I am passionate about what I do and I want my students to experience a sense of growth and accomplishment during our time together.  Call me for an interview to see if it's a good fit.  I don't bite.  Really. 

Testimonials for the Curious Soul

Meridith has a very patient and gentle approach that also combines rigor and discipline. Her years of training in various performance styles give her the flexibility to work with almost any type of actor at any level.  

~ Kellie B., Student



Meridith is a gifted improv teacher whose enthusiasm and playful attitude make learning fun and fearless. Plus, she fits in my pocket for easy transport.

~ E. Bowman



I can't speak highly enough of Meridith's guidance in putting together my voiceover demo. Nothing was awkward or forced in our preparation work; in fact, everything felt entirely collaborative and playful. When I got into the studio to record my demo, I was ready to rock with total confidence. My resulting voiceover demo is fabulous! ~ E. Bowman



"Meridith took a group of almost perfect strangers and created a level of comfortability in the workshop that allowed us to get out of the way of ourselves and show our most genuine work.  The feedback was a mix of knowledge, skill and honed instinct.  A workshop with Meridith is quite simply . . . a MUST."  ~ Andrea Rabold



Meridith Crosley is that rare soul who nurtures excellence in her pupils and has seemingly boundless patience for everything else. Her medium is improv but Meredith is simply a terrific teacher! ~ Ted Rose



Meridith, I want to thank you for the fantastic improv classes you have conducted for The Evergreen Players over the past few years.  We have thrown at you everything from first-timers, scared of performing, to seasoned improv veterans, who can be very picky indeed!  You have the rare ability to design and teach classes that are fun, engaging, and educational for people of every level – and you always do it with that contagious smile.  We look forward to many more of your classes in the future.  Thank you! ~ Lisa DeCaro